About Ruth Paris

Leadership & executive coach, based near Farnham, Surrey, UK. Love my garden and organic allotment / potager.
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3 Responses to yellow

  1. philipparees says:

    Something already wintry about yellow.


  2. Ruth Paris says:

    Your comment brought back to me the opening of a poem in Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘A Child’s Garden of Verses’ – A Bed in Summer…

    In winter I get up at night
    And dress by yellow candle-light.
    In summer, quite the other way,
    I have to go to bed by day.

    Which in turn reminds me of the poignant exhibit of Stevenson’s riding boots in the wonderful Writers’ Museum in Edinburgh. I have stood before them in rapture over the years, romantic dope that I am!


  3. Margit Jones-Hochstrasser says:

    What amazingly beautiful garden you have Ruth!! Just gorgeous and radiating the colour of you and your love and care….. Thanks so much for sharing. The garden and the pictures even picture your romantic streak – beautiful inside out. ❤


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