Here are some images tracking the development of my allotment over time since I finally acquired it in April 2007 as a roughly rotovated 10 rod (125sq metre) plot that had not beenfirst sight! cultivated since the 1970s – over years of heavy digging (and consequent golfers’ elbow!) and incremental improvements…. always cultivated organically and now no-dig.

4 Responses to Photos

  1. Rachel says:

    Absolutely staggering what you have made there Ruthie!! Paradise indeed!

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  2. alderandash says:

    Wow – this is really inspiring! I’m about to move my veg patch to a grassy corner of a field. Hope it’ll look like this one day!


  3. Ruthie says:

    Thanks Lucy, it’s amazing what you can do with perseverance – I sometimes look back and can’t believe how much the plot has changed over time. Best wishes for your project and don’t overdo it :0)


  4. philipparees says:

    Sent here by Ashen, and glad to be so directed. An amazing achievement. Enviable. I used to have a garden (never as productive except of roses) until I decided to be a writer! Since when no time to engage with real life. Congratulations!


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