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It started with a wee pip, about the size of a melon seed. Which then grew and grew and pretty well took over the greenhouse. Achocha ‘Fat Baby’. Looks prickly but isn’t. Tastes rather like green peppers and can be … Continue reading

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tomatoes and basil

And an overblown view of the huerto in late summer languor… the ammi visnaga having rather taken over!

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golden days

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blackberry & apple fruit leather

An old fashioned way of preserving fruit; basically just make a thick puree and then dry it in a thin layer on baking parchment in a very low oven (bottom of the Aga). No sugar, easy peasy, and the result … Continue reading

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day of these days

A poem by Laurie Lee prompted me to consider the fragrant tenderness of bean flowers with a new appreciation. DAY OF THESE DAYS by Laurie Lee (published August 1946 in Horizon) Such a morning it is when love leans through … Continue reading

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