with warmth, abundance

Today’s first picking of potatoes (second earlies), garlic dried in the greenhouse now ready for use – and delightful baby broad beans, so tender they are even delicious raw.


The recent warmth has prompted massive growth – all around, the plot thickens 🙂
Various squash here (kuri, munchkin, crookneck, crown prince and zappho).


And here are golden chard, beetroot scarletta, dwarf french beans cupidon and purple queen, then outdoor tomatoes attended by very vigorous tagetes and then roses beyond…


This is a cool corner, with rose James Galway against the shed and teardrop peas from the Basque country, “Guisante Lágrima“, which are finally taking off – just about managing to keep the massive nettles behind the deer fence at bay.



About Ruth Paris

Leadership & executive coach, based near Farnham, Surrey, UK. Love my garden and organic allotment / potager.
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3 Responses to with warmth, abundance

  1. philipparees says:

    I am not usually given to envy, but you and your accomplishments do tempt me! It is not simply the divine food, but the divine at-one-ment with the soil, the season, the exercise, the aesthetic. You are truly a marvel!

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  2. Abundance indeed. Keep saying to myself I must come by. Love the James Galway roses.
    Check out my rose gate – there’s an image in my last blog post. Rouland cleared out the dead wood some months ago, with spectacular results.

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  3. Rae says:

    Joyous and full of your love and care! Amazed!

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