a mouse in the compost

Turning the compost, forking it from one side over the compartment wall to the other is Hard Work, ideal for a chilly day. It was gratifying how many red worms there were, and how effective the results of their activity. I always check before starting that there is no sign of life that I may disturb so was surprised when vigorously forking away to suddenly come upon a perfect little mouse. We looked anxiously at each other for a bit, then I started to remove the slats to clear a gangplank for him to exit by; when I looked back, he had disappeared! Where to was a mystery. So I then had to continue my excavations with a hand trowel to avoid the danger of pronging my little friend. I never did find out where he went.

IMG_3174   IMG_3175

It’s now too late to complete the extension to the asparagus bed and I had optimistically bought 10 additional bare roots which were clearly not going to survive unless I did something. So I planted them into large containers and put them on top of the newly turned compost where they will be protected until the spring and I can transplant them. Not the recommended method, but we’ll see.

Also cut back the chilli plants in the cold frame and put the glass tops on. I’m happy to have raised from seed (bought in Austria on a skiing trip) three ‘Glockenpaprika’ plants. Now I hope they may survive the winter along with the black Hungarian chilli plant bought at a local community garden sale. Meanwhile, here’s what I brought home – a handful of overlooked Ratte potatoes, a few chillis and the last of the roses (Margaret Merrill?).



About Ruth Paris

Leadership & executive coach, based near Farnham, Surrey, UK. Love my garden and organic allotment / potager.
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