it’s that time of year again :0)


About Ruth Paris

Leadership & executive coach, based near Farnham, Surrey, UK. Love my garden and organic allotment / potager.
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4 Responses to it’s that time of year again :0)

  1. Congratulations, quite a medal haul!


  2. Ruthie says:

    Thank you, that’s very kind. Funny thing is that the first prizes were for things I completely neglect (goosegogs and a lettuce I had actually picked for lunch and just put in the show because it was in my basket)… and the ones I had really spent time on got nowhere (like the sweet little Alexandria alpine strawberries painstakingly grown from seed). All good fun though.


  3. Raichie says:

    My Goodness ,you are a force to be reckoned with, Dear sis!


  4. Brilliant achievements.
    I only managed two jars of morello jam before my flight to Darwin 🙂
    All is well here.


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