digging, digging, digging…

IMG_1790It’s been hard work but now there’s only one final bed left to dig over – and that’s been covered all winter with black plastic, so should be fairly easy. There are lots of worms in the ground, even though it’s all densely compacted after the long weeks of rain.

The forced rhubarb is coming along well (starting to push the lid off!) and the new strawberry plants seem to like their elevated home … it took all my strength to get the grow-bags up there, but worth the effort as they’ll get the sun and take no extra space.


About Ruth Paris

Leadership & executive coach, based near Farnham, Surrey, UK. Love my garden and organic allotment / potager.
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1 Response to digging, digging, digging…

  1. Inspirational 🙂
    There’s a new book out by Oliver Sacks – The Mental Life of Plants and Worms, Among Others


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